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Cloud Printing for Food Ordering

Thermal Printer: cloudPRNT by Star Micronics
The printer: whats the model and where can I buy it?
  • Who makes it?: Star Micronics
  • Which product line is it?: All printers in the 'cloudPRNT' feature
The TSP650II is our recommended purchase: http://www.starmicronics.com/pages/tsp650ii
Where can I buy it?: We have three options for you, but you are free to search the web for more.
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Picking the feature and store location (if applicable) you wish to print:

1. Head over to either the Food Ordering, Reservations or Merchandise feature.
2. Go go the 'Extras' section.
3. Find the location you wish to pair with your printer, and click 'Copy URL' to have this URL added to your clipboard.
4. This URL will be added to the 'Server URL' field in the printer setup.

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The simple stuff:
Install paper
Plug into power
Plug in ethernet to LAN.
Hold the 'feed' button and power on.

Printer will print two pages. The second page comes in about 5-10 seconds.
On the bottom of the second page you will find the IP address.
Type this IP address into your computer browser. 
Once on this webpage you should see a 'Login' option in the left menu.
Click ‘Login’Pasted Graphic 3Pasted Graphic 4

cloudPRNT page steps:

1. Enable cloudPRNT Service
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2. Enter URL provided in the Food Ordering, Merchandise or Reservations 'Extras' section into the ‘Server URL’ field.
3. Hit submit, then Save, Save configuration, restart device.

Thats it! Your printer will now print all orders from this feature.